Donatella Versace

FASHION FOR EQUALITY: Donatella Versace is again showing her support of the LGBTQ community with the launch of the Versace X Pride 2020 capsule collection.

Celebrating Pride Month, the limited-edition capsule will include tank tops, swimwear, underwear, as well as accessories, such as a bucket hat and socks, all worked in black and embellished with the Versace logo and stripes in a rainbow palette.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the collection, which will be available from this month at the Versace stores, as well as the brand’s e-commerce, will benefit two charity institutions focused on shaping a more inclusive, equal world.

In the United States, Versace selected Pride Live, which last year appointed Donatella Versace as Stonewall ambassador. The 2020 donations will help the charity to boost current projects developed with a range of associations, including Trans Lifeline, TransLatin@ Coalition, Brave Space Alliance and The Ally Coalition, as well as to finance the revamping of the organization’s donation platform to make it more efficient.

A style for the Versace X Pride 2020 capsule

A style for the Versace X Pride 2020 capsule.  Courtesy of Versace

In Europe, Versace decided to support Arcigay, which, founded in 1985 in Italy, is focused on promoting programs and projects aimed at positively impacting the political and cultural scenario.

“I have always been a strong advocate and supporter of LGBTQ+ rights,” said Versace last year on the occasion of her Stonewall ambassador appointment. “Most importantly because I believe that no one should be judged for his or her sexual orientation, but also for the color of their skin or their religious belief. In 2019 it is not acceptable that there are people who live in fear because of the person they love, or worse they are persecuted, thrown out of their homes.…We all need to voice our concern so that everyone can stop living in fear and is free to be whoever they want to be. We need to stop the hate and the discrimination to create a society that accepts diversity, treats everyone equally and is inclusive.”