YOUTH CELL: Vertu is actively courting a new, younger segment of customers.

This is the strategy behind the launch of the Aster mobile phone, as explained by Massimiliano Pogliani, chief executive officer of the British luxury company.

“Aster is a new product enlarging our offering in the luxury mobile phone segment,” he said. “Retailing upward of 4,900 euros [or $6,234 at current exchange rate] compared with our average price point at upward of 7,900 euros [or $10,051], it targets a different segment but, even if the price is lower, Aster features all the signature elements and services of other Vertu phones.”

This new attention to a younger clientele is also linked to the fact that Vertu is a brand particularly strong in the emerging markets, including the Middle East, Asia and Russia, where the average age of luxury customers is lower than in Europe and the Unites States. To meet the interests of this new generation of big spenders, for example, last July Vertu introduced high-end headphones and portable speakers realized in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. 

In addition, Pogliani noted that Aster will be also available in a wider selection of materials, including calf and ostrich, and colors, making it more appealing for women, too.

“We have always been very focused on men’s customers, also considering that men are usually more attracted by technology, but, with this new type of product, we think we can see the percentage of female customers increasing from 30 to 50 percent,” Pogliani said.

Revealing an increased attention to the design aspects of their products, Vertu has just introduced an online customization service, enabling those shopping on the company’s e-store to create their unique phone choosing materials and colors and decorating it with their initials and special engravings.

At the end of the month, the brand will also unveil a new device specifically designed for Bentley cars. “We have a roadmap of five years to create a constantly deeper integration between the phone and the car,” Pogliani said.  

Vertu currently sells its products in about 500 points of sale across the world, including 70 directly operated monobrand stores.

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