Victor Alfaro has launched an e-commerce channel with Farfetch, utilizing the monobrand branch of the company’s platform. It’s a service Farfetch rolled out about a year ago, not to be confused with Black & White, the wing that Farfetch introduced in September to fully operate a brand’s e-commerce, initially including Christopher Kane and Manolo Blahnik.

For Alfaro, who does not operate his own e-commerce, Farfetch powers much of the back end that a small designer can’t support. “It’s the same platform we use for boutiques but with brands,” said Gabrielle de Papp, Farfetch’s senior vice president of brand and business development in North America. “We photograph [merchandise], we handle operations, we handle check out and shipping.”

Customers can shop directly through Farfetch. If they go to Alfaro’s web site and click “shop,” they’ll be redirected to Alfaro’s page on Farfetch. “Everyone talks about e-commerce,” Alfaro said. “We’re such a young brand, I have to do things that fit right. Farfetch is really set up to handle all issues with why I couldn’t launch my own e-commerce. The logistics of it are so complex and really expensive.”

Farfetch takes a commission for the service but Alfaro said it’s a fraction of what it would cost him to run his own e-commerce. Being in Farfetch’s search gives him visibility to its global audience. He also controls the buy and the pricing. Farfetch doesn’t buy the merchandise, rather Alfaro places an order for himself. He launched last week with pre-fall and had seven sales in the first day. “It’s a real game-changer for small brands that don’t have the infrastructure set up for a big e-commerce operation,” Alfaro said.