NO TO BREXIT: Three of the world’s best-known Britons voiced their support for the U.K. to remain in Europe on Tuesday, 48 hours before a historic referendum. David and Victoria Beckham both took to social media — he on Facebook, she on Instagram — to plump for the Remain camp.

Meanwhile Virgin airlines boss Sir Richard Branson took out a full-page ad in the Daily Mail, despite the fact that he now lives thousands of miles away in the British Virgin Islands.

Branson said that leaving the EU is not a risk he’d want the U.K. to take, that the country is better off economically, and benefits from trading without barriers and taxes. He added that global threats such as climate change, financial crisis or conflict “are better addressed collectively.”

Victoria Beckham said on Instagram: “In response to the @leave.eu campaign who have today tried to put a spin on quotes made 20 years ago about keeping or losing the pound, I have to say strongly my comments were not about this referendum and should not be misused in this way! I believe in my country, I believe in a future for my children where we are stronger together and I support the #remain campaign.”

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