GRID AND BEAR IT: Vivienne Westwood threw what may well have been London’s first solar-powered party on Thursday night to promote the use of renewable energy. The designer teamed with Ross Harding of Finding Infinity, a social enterprise that promotes renewable energy, and Trillion Fund, a U.K. crowdfunding platform, for a party called Off the Grid, which took place at Snap Studios in east London. “The music, the lighting and everything that you see and experience inside is straight from the sun,” said Harding. “We brought a bank of batteries out on the street and then wired up to the rooftop. The solar panel is almost like a sculpture on the rooftop.”

A Cygnus Hybrid Power Generator kept the party — where guests included Mary McCartney, Karen Elson, Pam Hogg and Lou Dalton — going, and it took the events team one week to charge the batteries. Jamie Hince of the Kills, took full advantage of the abundant green energy, performing a DJ set on the night.

Westwood was the initial backer for the Trillion Fund, investing 1 million pounds, or $1.64 million, in the platform that raises money for renewable energy projects.

“In the end, I think what Trillion Fund are aiming for is that you have clean energy that [costs] a very minimum amount of money. It’s going to be wonderful for poor people, and it’s not going to be good for the traditional investors who have been earning money in the same way for 300 years! But now it’s all changing.”

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