Vogue Italia's editor in chief Emanuele Farneti with Cristina Tajani, Milan’s fashion and design city councilor.

MILAN Words matter to Vogue Italia, which is partnering again with Milan’s municipality to stage the Vogue for Milano initiative.

Running Sept. 12, the event will be themed after the magazine’s September issue, which will focus on key words that define the fashion industry and embody publishing’s values.

Installations throughout the city’s center will reprise these words and invite the public to choose which are the most meaningful nowadays and share interpretations of each one.

Special performances of poetry slam and freestyle rap battles will be among the experiences planned for the night, enriching the traditional schedule of late-night store openings and brands offering limited-edition items to be sold exclusively that day.

Spotlighting fashion in a broader cultural sense is in sync with the editorial direction that Vogue Italia has adopted under editor in chief Emanuele Farneti’s tenure, which saw the boost of written content in particular.

“It may appear weird for a publication based on images as Vogue to spotlight words, but these are very important, especially at a time when they are misinterpreted and abused,” said Farneti.

One term is particularly dear to the editor in chief, who believes that the ultimate goal of the event is to make the fashion world more accessible to the public.

“The word inclusivity has become crucial in the fashion debate over the last three years, and every brand is questioning how, where and in which moments of the year they should open their doors to a wider audience. It’s a relatively recent debate that we are lucky to have been promoting for years: we are the right event at the right time,” claimed Farneti.

Although the whole Golden Triangle luxury shopping district will be involved in the initiative, most of the events will be concentrated on the central Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, which will be the set of the Vogue Italia Street Party, said Farneti.

Other experiences offered in the area during the night will include music performances in Piazza del Duomo and a treasure hunt led by five teams spearheaded by groups of Italian influencers, who will capture the game through their social media profiles — a repeat experience from last year’s edition.

The event will continue to support social causes. As in previous editions, a portion of the sales of the limited-edition products launched for the event by fashion brands will fund cultural initiatives in Milan’s peripheral area of Quarto Oggiaro.

After revamping its format in 2017, abandoning the “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out” moniker, the upcoming Vogue for Milano — the third edition under the supervision of Farneti — will run ahead of the city’s fashion week that kicks off on Sept. 17.

“This is a celebration marking the beginning of the fashion season here,” said Farneti, adding that creating happenings and offering moments of interaction and entertainment are key not only for the magazine, but also for fashion retailers and their businesses. Farneti additionally expressed his satisfaction for the upcoming fashion week schedule “that is fortunately set to be very intense and feature good choices of date slots by brands.”

As reported, some key Italian fashion players agreed to rotate slots in upcoming fashion week seasons to favor a more balanced calendar. For instance, in September Prada will stage its show in the afternoon of Sept. 18, a Wednesday, instead of the afternoon slot on Thursdays the brand usually held, while Gucci will consequently postpone and stage its show on that Sunday, Sept. 22.