Wandler x Lizzie Mandler's Collaboration Mule

Accessories label Wandler has teamed with Los Angeles-based fine jewelry designer Lizzie Mandler to debut an exclusive mule for the holiday season. 

“We both have unknowingly admired each other’s work from afar before we were introduced in Paris one season. It became apparent pretty quickly that we were bound to work together in some capacity — it was just a matter of time,” explained Elza Wandler, founder and creative director of Wandler, and Mandler. “The timing of this collaboration was perfect. We have a tradition of visiting each other’s showrooms in Paris and always finding time for dinner. Missing our semiannual dinner so much this season, but the collaboration has been such a nice way for us to connect even from opposite sides of the world. While our brands are very different, at the core our aesthetic seems to always find ways to overlap, and we each share a great mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work.”  

The Wandler x Lizzie Mandler's Collaboration Mule

The Wandler x Lizzie Mandler’s Collaboration Mule  Courtesy Image

The collaboration’s “Mia” shoe follows Wandler’s refined, modern aesthetic, offering timeless design with a twist a la the cream Italian calf leather, block heel mule, which features Mandler’s architectural 18-karat gold chain as dual anklet and shoe-strap. The Wandler x Lizzie Mandler mule is exclusively available on both brands’ e-commerce sites for $2,900.