The Gregory Hotel

Wardrobe, the peer-to-peer digital marketplace to rent women’s and men’s clothing and accessories from people’s closets, has struck a fashion and sustainability partnership with The Gregory Hotel in New York. This is the first hotel partnership launch for Wardrobe.

The way it works is prior or during a stay at The Gregory at 42 West 35th Street, hotel guests can reserve items from the Wardrobe app, and the items will be delivered to them at their hotel room for the duration of their stay. After wearing, they can leave it in the hotel closet or with the concierge. The partnership begins Monday.

Asked why they decided to partner with Wardrobe, Yaniv Packin general manager of The Gregory, said,  “As a sustainably minded hotel, this partnership with Wardrobe was an exciting opportunity to be a first mover in the industry and offer our guests an unforgettable experience during their stay. As a hotel we are trying to showcase more sustainable and mindful ideas from hosting an Earth Day event with @insteadofmovement and hosting mindful events including a gallery featuring the work of jewelry designer Ariana Ost.”

Adarsh Alphons, chief executive officer and founder of Wardrobe, added, “We hope to learn a lot from this pilot and take its findings to potentially change the way we travel, globally.”

As reported, Wardrobe’s mobile platform, which was launched in December, is available on the App Store and allows users to rent out pieces from their own closet that they rarely wear to other users. Wardrobe has partnerships with 40 environmentally friendly dry cleaners in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The way it generally works is users can pick up or drop off their rented items at these Wardrobe Hubs. The partnership, with Next Cleaners, the city’s largest GreenEarth dry cleaner, allows for a consistent experience and doesn’t rely on items being packaged or mailed. Each piece is guaranteed clean, and users aren’t required to meet face-to-face to exchange.

Among the brands on Wardrobe that are available for booking are Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Comme des Garçons, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel and Givenchy, as well as sustainable ones such as Livari.