All Warp + Weft products will have a yellow tag.

Warp + Weft, a denim manufacturer whose jeans retail for under $100, has joined forces with their supplier, Artistic Denim Mills, to partner with Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization that brings clean water to people in developing countries.

The partnership, which will be unveiled May 1, begins with an initial $100,000 donation to Charity: Water that will provide about 3,300 people in Malawi access to clean water. To signify this partnership, all Warp + Weft products will have a consumer facing yellow tag that represents the company’s mission toward both water saving and water giving.

“For us, it’s no longer enough to simply save water during the manufacturing process. We are now partnering with Charity: Water to fund water projects globally. We now think in term of water saved versus water donated and hope this initiative inspires our global network of manufacturers and brands to do the same,” said Faisal Ahmed, chief executive officer of Artistic Denim Mills.

Sarah Ahmed, founder and chief executive officer of Warp + Weft, added, “Every time our customers see that yellow tag, they will feel real change is happening from manufacturing to the brand to the field. We are proud to be the catalyst for this change.

“Through our web site and special activations, our customers and partners will also be able to give directly to Charity: Water, purchase product with the giving built in and track the overall progress in real time. We have set a goal and together we hope to achieve it,” she added.

Upcoming donations include once a month, 100 percent of proceeds from sales will go to Charity: Water; whenever the company does major sales, the customer will get 19 percent off and 1 percent will go to Charity: Water; all influencers and major models whom it works with will have to donate a small percentage of their rate to Charity: Water, and the brand will be adding consumer-facing “giving” buttons on the site at checkout.

According to the company, a traditional pair of jeans consumes 1,500 gallons of water, but a pair of Warp + Weft requires less than 10 gallons. The company recycles and treats 98 percent of the water that is used. Using cutting-edge Dry Ozone technology, Warp + Weft dramatically reduces its facility’s impact on the environment.

Warp + Weft launched two years ago as an online denim business at All jeans and shorts retail for under $100.

At the time, Sarah Ahmed  said, “We believe denim should be democratized. Exorbitant prices don’t make sense for this core essential.” She said she was dedicated  to fair pricing, quality and fit and optimizing the customer experience. The jeans are designed in classic silhouettes free of trend-chasing details.

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