WHEELING AND DEALING: Famous for his buff bod, Lorenzo Martone is putting his love of sports to professional use with the launch of his own range of bicycles. The Brazilian-born publicist and brand consultant unveiled the Martone Cycling Co. range on Tuesday at French concept store Colette, which dedicated its window display to the brightly colored bikes.

Martone, who cofounded the brand with his former Paris neighbor David Thomas, said he saw a gap in the market for well-designed bicycles at an accessible price. “I was buying my second bike and I had moved apartments in New York, and I was putting the bikes in the living room. I’m like, ‘They don’t look good. There’s something wrong with this aesthetic.’ It’s too sporty, and I collect midcentury furniture, and it’s all wood and simple,” he explained.

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His bicycles for men and women come in white, black, silver, red or gold — all with a signature red chain — and retail for 900 euros in France and $899 in the U.S. They will go on sale in early June at the Conran Shop in Great Britain and through online retailer Avenue 32, before a U.S. launch at Saks Fifth Avenue on June 16, Martone said. “We are excited, because we’re hoping to see a lot of them in the street and sort of change the way cities look,” said Martone. “It’s a fun ride, because it’s super comfortable, you sit straight, you have a beautiful product and everyone talks to you. It starts communication, and I like that.”

Thomas revealed they are already working on other products to grow the line.