Who What Wear

Who What Wear will host its first runway presentation just ahead of the start to New York Fashion Week.

The digital publisher, part of Clique Media Group, partnered with Secret Deodorant for the event. Influencers such as Chriselle Lim and Tanesha Awasthi will be modeling the looks — between 30 and 35 in total — from brands sold on Shopbop. The company said it is still in the midst of fittings and declined to say what brands would be featured on the runway.

“As a brand, Who What Wear is always looking to stay out in front of trends and innovate in the fashion space,” said Katherine Power, chief executive officer and cofounder of Clique Media Group. “What better place to create an experience for Who What Wear than an event timed around [New York Fashion Week]?”

All viewers will see an image of an outfit as each model walks out, along with specifics of each piece to be saved or purchased immediately.

Those attending the show in person at Skylight Modern will have access to Apple iPads where they will be able to order anything shown during the presentation. The show will also be streamed through YouTube Live and at-home consumers will receive information on how to purchase through e-mail.

That a digital publisher is dipping its toe into the runway and the instant fashion conversation with its own go at the process is an interesting one. However, it’s not aimed at being akin to what begins in the days following Who What Wear’s presentation with New York Fashion Week, Power pointed out.

“What we are creating is not meant to be directly compared to what other designers have produced,” Power said. “Instead, we’re hoping to bring our Who What Wear editorial thesis to life, which is expertly curated, on-trend items that are immediately shoppable. The lessons we’ve learned and the ones we are implementing [into the upcoming show] are from our readers and evolving this brand over the past 10 years versus other fashion shows.”

The company, with its roots in digital and adeptness at social media, no doubt already has a leg up on some who attempted the see-now-buy-now trend in past seasons with varying results and no one-size-fits-all approach to what’s deemed a success.

“We understand that see-now-buy-now has been in trend in past fashion shows,” Power said, “and because we are able to use so many different brands, we are able to make our entire show immediately shoppable versus other brands that can only make select items shoppable.”