Wildfox Fall 2016

ALL GROWN UP: Wildfox released imagery and the details of its fall collection as the Los Angeles company continues the momentum that began last year under the direction of creative director Andi Sharp.

The company for the first time used cashmere for fall, which delivers to retailers in August, along with rayon crepes, cut-out detailing and more form-fitting silhouettes.

“We’re growing up as a business,” said Jimmy Sommers, Wildfox chief executive officer and cofounder. “We have one foot in high fashion and the other foot remains in the traditional Wildfox aesthetic: accessible, kitschy and effortless.”

The first delivery to retailers includes items such as  $64 graphic T-shirts, a $118 chevron print sweater and $178 maxidresses. The collection launches on the Wildfox site this week.

Sharp, who came to the company from Santa Monica, Calif. retailer Planet Blue’s Blue Life and Blu Moon lines, began fusing touches of her aesthetic into the fall 2015 collection, with summer 2016 representing the full breath of her creative for the brand. The fall collection set to launch this week continues that trajectory.

Are the looks meant to usher a new Wildfox customer to the brand? Yes and no, Sommers said.

“The Wildfox girl is now becoming a young woman. And we’re growing up with her,” he said. “We do feel that the ready-to-wear and cashmere call-outs will bring in a new audience, but the cheeky aesthetic that made Wildfox what it is today can still be found within the line.”

The fusion, woven into fall, is easy to see. There’s a chunky knit sweater with “duh” scrawled in cursive and a T-shirt proclaiming “I’m Terrific,” with a ready-to-wear assemblage of twill jumpsuits, a black floral maxi-wrap dress with flutter sleeves and rayon crinkle flare-leg pants.