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CAVIAR AND DIAMONDS: Ahead of the presentation of his fine jewelry collection, this season studded with blue, green, pink and yellow diamonds in homage to Cy Twombly’s signature “mark-making,” Wilfredo Rosado hosted a dinner at luxury fashion canteen Caviar Kaspia in Paris on Tuesday night.


“It all started here,” said the New York-based designer, remembering how at the beginning of his career he went from one couture atelier to another trying to get his extravagant pieces crafted by Parisian artisans. “They said this is the craziest thing we have ever seen, but — we’ll do it.”


Just One Eye founder Paola Russo, Rosado’s only U.S. stockist, said the jewelry is doing “fantastically well,” with Rosado’s signature cage pendant as the bestseller. Consequently, “we are going to set up a shop-in-shop for Wilfredo’s jewelry in our store in October,” she said.


Rosado, whose creations retail for “hundreds of thousands of dollars” per piece, said department stores were not the “right format” for him, and so he “pulled out.”


“My next step will be a store in New York, possibly in 2015,” he said over a hot backed potato smudged with fresh caviar, Caviar Kaspia’s trademark dish.


“The last time I was here I was with my sister who is a foodie like me. We had two each — and then we passed out,” said Lily McMenamy, sporting an ensemble resembling a saucy French maid costume with a headband. “I go to so many of these fashion events, the only way I can feel comfortable is when I’m in character,” she added, mentioning the artist Richard Price as one reference.


Other guests at the dinner included Alexandre Vauthier, John Nollet, Victoria and Eugenie Niarchos and Hervé Leroux.

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