SNAPPING AT SELFRIDGES: William James Adams, the Grammy award-winning Black Eyed Peas artist better known as, is blazing a technological trail with his latest camera creation in collaboration with Selfridges. “I wanted to do fashion via technology,” said Adams Wednesday at Selfridges.

With a special lens case and free app, the foto.sosho transforms the iPhone 4s into a fully loaded camera. The package features fish-eye, standard, wide and zoom lenses along with editing software and filters. The lens case, which goes on sale Dec. 6, is priced at 199 pounds, or $318.

Adams said the idea came from connecting the dots. “I was on a boat with a friend of mine. He had one of those big camera lenses. So I grabbed the lens and put it in front of my phone and I said. ‘Hey look at my phone. This is crazy!’ and then that’s where I got the idea to have a camera case that the iPhone camera fits into.”

Adams is so passionate about technology he’s planning to go back to school to learn coding. “The next twenty years of my life is in this field. When I was 17, I dreamed of music and touring.I’ve done it,” he said. “These next 20 years, it’s about design, it’sabout today’s connectivity and new innovative things.”