BIG KISS FOR CHINA: If Monday morning’s standing room only press preview of “China: Through the Looking Glass” is any indication of the exhibition’s attendance figures, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is in for a hectic summer.

Under the artistic direction of filmmaker Wong Kar Wai, the 30,000-square-foot show covers 200 years of Western fashion and centuries upon centuries of Chinese art. Curator Andrew Bolton told a crowd that included Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, Henry Kissinger, Silas Chou and Thom Browne that each gallery features video footage  and the entire show is meant to unfold like a series of film stills which can be experienced altogether or separately.

Wearing his signature sunglasses, Wong reminded the crowd that now is “an important time in human history” for cross-cultural dialogue. That is certainly one area that Kissinger knows inside and out. In July 1971, with the Nixon Administration looking to turn up the heat on the Soviet Union, he opened relations with the People’s Republic of China by meeting secretly with then Premier Zhou Enlai.

Asked after Monday’s press conference how the Costume Institute’s show might help enlighten visitors to better understand both countries’ respective histories and interglobal standing, Kissinger said, “To know China gives you historical perspective and I think that is very important for America. They are the most rapidly developing county. We’re the most established developing country and we have to get to know each other better.”

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