ON THE LAMB: The slogan for concept mall Bikini Berlin is “Shop Different,” but thanks to the Campaign for Wool, it seemed a bit more like “Sheep Different” on Monday morning. As a kick off to Wool Week in Berlin, a shepherd from the neighboring Brandenburg region led his flock of 15 Merino sheep up a few flights of stairs through the mall’s terraced area, past select boutiques and chic cafes. The destination? A small pen filled with fake grass near the hi-rise 25 Hours hotel.

“It had to be [Astro turf],” explained Johann Mittermayr of the Woolmark Company. “Otherwise in an hour they’d eat it all.”

There was also strong evidence of the herd mentality in the photo pool as the city’s lensers called out posing orders to the sheep as if they were the latest starlets. Dressed in a black and white knitted duster coat from Odeeh, model Franziska Knuppe fared slightly better among the flock.

“Now girls, soon we’ll be able to have breakfast,” said the shepherd, though it was unclear if he was addressing just the sheep or also the assembled fashion press.

Bikini Berlin is no stranger to the call of the wild — it overlooks the Berlin Zoo, and in particular provides a rather intimate glimpse into the monkey enclosure.

Wool Week happenings at Bikini Berlin include an exhibition of art and design inspired by and made from wool, knitting workshops, and an afternoon tea at the Andreas Murkudis shop highlighting British designer Margaret Howell. The event also hosts an installation preview from the new knitwear brand Case Studies, which produces ready-to-wear collections inspired by and produced in various locations in Germany, rather than tied to any season. In all, 20 brands and retailers are involved in the Wool Week campaign.

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