WWD Joins TikTok's Creative Learning Fund

WWD is increasing its presence on TikTok by joining the social media platform’s new Creative Learning Fund.

WWD is among 800 media publishers, creators, public figures and organizations joining the social media platform’s $50 million initiative, which launched last month to produce more original content and provide informative and instructive videos on the app.

As part of the program, WWD’s TikTok account will feature five short-form videos per week that educate viewers on different areas of fashion, beauty and retail. WWD has already started producing this content, launching a franchise called “Lessons in Style” that focuses on topics such as the history of the little black dress, Nineties supermodels and iconic Met Gala red-carpet looks. WWD is the only fashion brand participating in the initiative’s launch.

“It’s no question that TikTok has quickly become the social networking app of choice for Gen Z and beyond,” said James Fallon, editorial director of WWD. “WWD is in the prime position to lead the Creative Learning Fund’s fashion content, and we are proud to bring our expertise to the platform, especially during a time when users are consuming more content than ever.”

TikTok launched the initiative after seeing its user base increase amid the coronavirus pandemic and how users are gravitating toward informative, motivational and inspiring content. The Creative Learning Fund is part of TikTok’s $250 million pledge to support its community during the pandemic.

“While TikTok has always provided users with an outlet for creative expression and fun, wholesome, light-hearted content during these unprecedented times, we’ve seen our community gravitate toward an even more enriching experience on the platform,” said Bryan Thoensen, head of content partnerships at TikTok.

WWD joined TikTok in February ahead of New York Fashion Week’s fall 2020 season. The account is the latest addition to the publication’s robust social media coverage, which includes an audience of more than 5 million across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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