Hudson Jeans Peter Kim at Mooneyes in Japan

The responsibility of leading a company as chief executive officer hasn’t stopped Peter Kim from exploring the world on his own terms.

The task of starting and steering Hudson Jeans in the competitive premium denim market probably has led the Los Angeles native to seek more adrenaline-inducing adventures. After all, this is a Gen Xer who reminds followers on his Instagram page to “hold your head high, and your middle finger higher.” And his company’s hashtag of choice is #HudsonUnfiltered (“Denim is the canvas to share your message. No bullsh-t.”)

Earlier this month, before volunteering to hand out hygiene kits, blankets and toys to the homeless on L.A.’s Skid Row, Kim jetted off to Japan to check out hot rods and noodles. He’s familiar with getting on and off airplanes. In a quest to end human sex trafficking, he parachuted out of a plane earlier this year with Together1heart, raising over $221,000 and reaching almost 93 million people via social media.

In Japan, however, his R&R involved visiting Mooneyes’ 25th annual hot rod custom show in Yokohama. Some of the wheels resembled trick bikes for flower-loving geisha.

Kim also stopped by Cupnoodles Museum for a photo with a big cup of ramen and a little yellow bird plushie.

Hudson Jeans Peter Kim at Cupnoodles Museum

Peter Kim at Cupnoodles Museum in Yokohama, Japan. 

In summarizing his journey across the Pacific Ocean, he said, “Safe to say this was trip was all about #RideOrDie! Wish you were there!”