WATER WORKS: High-street giant Hennes & Mauriz AB has teamed with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to minimize its impact on water.

“H&M understands that its long-term success depends on access to adequate water supplies,” said Jim Leape, director general of WWF International, in a statement. “We hope other companies will be inspired to take the same approach.”

The water stewardship involves the Swedish retailer’s entire staff. Its designers will receive additional training to promote more sustainable choices, for instance. And all 94,000 H&M employees are to be trained to use water responsibly. The hope is that consumers will be inspired to follow.

The company will work with regional players to support better management of certain river basins in China and Bangladesh. For example, H&M vowed to back WWF’s water conservation projects in China’s Yangtze river basin.

About one-third of H&M units that perform wet processes are in areas that either are already considered to suffer extreme water scarcity or will by 2025.

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