2016 Oscars Vanity Fair After Party

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Moscow-based couturier Yulia Yanina made her first-ever trip to Los Angeles this week to show off her fall collection. While her ethereal embroidered tulle and mesh gowns have been worn by Gigi Hadid, Gwen Stefani, Emma Roberts, Kate Hudson, Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson and Sophie Turner, among other stars, Yanina had so far only met a few of them in person. She has had rendezvous with several movie stars at the Cannes Film Festival, which she attends every year.

Los Angeles is not what I thought it would be like, but I find the people here so friendly,” she said from her room at Chateau Marmont, surrounded by her birds of paradise and Russian love letter-themed collections. The designer, clad in a black satin embroidered coat dotted with ostrich feathers, which she paired with boyfriend jeans and mules, seemed to fit right in with the high-low vibe in Hollywood. Along with her daughter Daria, whom she sends to the States for celebrity fittings, she spoke of her inspirations, namely the romance of Imperial Russia. The skirts of several gowns were embroidered with skylines of St. Petersburg and profiles of Alexander Pushkin and his wife and muse Natalya, along with cursive lines from the love letters he wrote to her.

“I grew up loving the ballet and the fairy tales, and it’s those fantasies that I translate into my dresses,” she said. As Kristen Stewart’s stylist Tara Swennen oohed and aahed over a red and black embroidered gown, the designer noted, “But not everyone can afford couture, so that’s why I’m launching some demi-couture pieces.” With that, she disappeared into her bedroom and returned with some less-embellished versions of a velvet coat from the birds collection. “There are less feathers on this one, and less beading on this one,” she said, holding them up for comparison. The ready-to-wear pieces will hit stores in February.