Kylie Jenner at Yeezy Season 5

Considering the complaints and slams following the delays of his Season 4 show, Kanye West was expected to start his Season Five early — at least, according to the line of attendees gathered outside Pier 59. And a timely start was what he gave the people — even if it meant launching into his collection before Kylie Jenner and Tyga arrived. 

The show started promptly at 3:23 p.m., and at 3:28 p.m. Jenner and Tyga were led through the room, having missed the first several looks. 

Early to arrive was Hailey Baldwin, awaiting the action. 

“I just wanted to support Yeezy, Kanye and Adidas, so I decided to come out for him,” she said. “I don’t really like to sit in shows, but this one for sure. Kanye is always doing something a little unexpected, that I personally really like, that people really respond well to. I think it’s going to be a great collection — it always is.” 

Kylie Jenner at Yeezy Season 5

Kylie Jenner at Yeezy Season 5 

Baldwin continued that “you never know with him. Sometimes he’s either doing [music] or he’s staying super fashion, so it’s hard to say,” she said, before shouting after a friend — “Taco!”

The nearly pitch-black setting made front row greetings challenging, even for the famous faces. “Carine, it’s Hailey!” Baldwin said, arms open for a hug to the editor. Roitfeld seemed initially confused but accepted the hug: “Oh, I can’t see,” she said. 

Post pow-wow with Taco, Baldwin returned to her seat (before being scooted down after Jenner and Tyga’s arrival). She said she’ll be heading to Europe for shows, but “doesn’t know yet” if she’ll walk any. “Maybe like the one or two that I do.” 

Her New York Fashion Week highlights include “[walking] the Zadig & Voltaire show, which was fun for me, I’ve never done that one. I loved my look, it was super comfy.”

Just then a series of lights carved out a path for Kim Kardashian, who took a seat next to Anna Wintour and began chatting. 

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