RIDE ALONG: Today, Yes To’s Yes to Movement, a yearlong project encouraging consumers to spread the power of positivity, hit the streets of New York City, New Jersey and San Francisco with the #YestoMovement Beauty Bike Tour. The company is on a mission to encourage fans on social media to share 1,000,000 Yes moments.

“As part of our Yes To Movement, we want to encourage everyone to be more positive by saying “yes” more often,” said Joy Chen, chief executive officer of Yes To Inc. “The best way to spread that “yes” to others is to tell them about it as we move through the streets.”

The #YestoMovement Beauty Bike Tour will be popping up at local parks, farmers markets and retailers. The beauty bike is equipped with top selling Yes To products and customers can take a skin care quiz that reveals the brand’s products that best matches their skin type, and then try those product on the spot.

The bike tour schedule and quiz is available on yestomovement.com.

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