The new YooxMirror app
NEW WORLD: Yoox is banking on artificial intelligence to keep customers engaged by introducing YooxMirror, a new virtual styling suite that will enable users to explore its retail offerings in a more interactive manner.

The suite will house Daisy, “a fashion-conscious avatar,” who will help customers navigate the space, model outfits and take over the Yoox Instagram account, too.

Once users enter the app, they can view up to 250 items a week, presented as part of different themed stories. They can then save favorite items in the app’s DreamBox — Yoox’s wishlist feature — style them together, see them modeled by Daisy and share them with friends to receive instant feedback.

The technology for the app, which was developed by the retailer’s research and development team, brings together merchandising insights with algorithms that can detect visual elements such as pattern or color on a product image and Deep Learning Networks, which can pick up product attributes and then select matching items. Virtual reality also comes into play, to bring items to life by fitting them on 3-D models.

The new YooxMirror app

The new YooxMirror app.  Courtesy Photo

“The introduction of YooxMirror represents an important move for us, offering our customers something personalized and memorable, which is also a brand-new way to explore the very best of Yoox,” said Yoox president Paolo Mascio.

“Given the potential of this initiative, we will not limit our avatar Daisy to the styling suite. Taking over our Instagram, she is going to become the personification of Yoox, allowing us an even more direct contact with our followers.”
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