Federico Marchetti

MY OWN AVATAR: Yoox hopes to take its YooxMirror AI-powered virtual styling functionality, the first in the sector, to the next level.

Users of the Yoox App, which was introduced last year, were able to play with the e-tailer’s product offering by creating unique styles that were sported by an avatar called Daisy. But starting today they will be able to create their own digital avatar by taking a selfie or uploading an image.

The functionality, called YooxMirror Reloaded, mixes AI and Augmented Reality technologies, and was developed in-house by the company’s research and development team.

The new YooxMirror reloaded functionality

The new YooxMirror reloaded functionality.  Courtesy Photo

“Before Yoox, in 1999 you could only try on items in the changing room of a boutique, then with Yoox, your home became the new changing room. And now, with the YooxMirror, you can try on the clothes virtually,” said Yoox Net-a-porter Group chairman Federico Marchetti. “I’m proud of the pioneering innovations our talented R&D team continues to make to give our customers a truly memorable and interactive experience.”

Every week, YooxMirror Reloaded will give access to 250 products organized in nine fashion themes presented on the app with a “stories” format. The technology behind the app actually brings together merchandising insights with algorithms that can detect visual elements such as pattern or color on a product image and Deep Learning Networks, which can pick up product attributes and then select matching items.