Yuima Nakazato Couture Spring 2019 Presentation

Yuima Nakazato, the Japanese designer revisiting couture by co-developing designs and tapping into old resources may be taking that customization experience, together with Lectra’s “Fashion on Demand” software, into a physical store “very soon.”

Partnering with Lectra, the technology company aiming to upend traditional supply chains for industries such as fashion, furniture and automotive through its software solutions which cut customization time from 2.45 hours to 12 minutes, Nakazato’s dream to “bring that experience into the store” is coming soon, according to Lectra sources.

Click here to see Yuima Nakazato’s couture Spring 2019 collection.

The impending announcement was teased during a presentation at Lectra’s Global VIP Fashion Event in Bordeaux, France, last week, on the “Fashion on Demand” software. The session was hosted by Lectra’s Christine Dandieu, sales director for fashion at Lectra, and Frederic Gaillard, vice president for product marketing, cutting room.

Dandieu hinted at Nakazato’s dream becoming reality soon, saying to expect to see the ability to make customized clothes in the store “very soon.” When approached after the session, Gaillard confirmed Lectra has been in conversation with Nakazato to help realize the in-store customization concept within the year.

Nakazato’s latest collection featured upcycled fabrics quilted into a patchwork of creativity, and using Lectra’s “Fashion on Demand” customization software, customers can lend thought to co-designing these garments. The announcement further suggests the importance of personalization and unique experiences not only in individual garments, but in the store environment.

Reps at Yuima Nakazato could not be reached for further comment.

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