Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson pose in Valentino shopping windows in Rome

STOCK-STILL: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson continue boosting their career as supermodels.

The actors, who attended the premiere of “Zoolander 2” in Rome on Saturday night, along with colleagues Will Ferrell and Justin Theroux, posed in the shopping windows of Valentino flagship on Sunday afternoon. The Roman-based fashion house collaborated with the movie’s costume designer Leesa Evans on a range of outfits for the comedy.

Stiller sported a military green suit embellished with butterflies, as well as a camouflage shirt, while Wilson opted for a more casual look, including beige pants, a lime green leather bomber jacket and a shirt showing a tropical pattern. He finished the look with black sunglasses and a gray beanie.

While Stiller struck mannequinlike poses, Wilson pulled moves inspired by martial arts comedy movies.

The duo already made an incursion in the fashion industry last March, when they hit the runway of the Valentino women’s fashion show at Paris Fashion Week as the film’s male supermodel characters.

“Zoolander 2” is hitting theaters on Feb. 12.

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