A stylist at work with StyleShoots technology.

PICTURE THIS: As an increasing number of e-tailers are trying to sharpen their fashion photography, Zulily is trying out StyleShoots technology in its in-house photography center in its five-floor Seattle corporate headquarters.

The Seattle company offers consumers daily deals and can offer up to 9,000 items and reduce expenses. With the use of StyleShoots machinery, the e-tailer aims to expedite photo editing. Zulily’s investment comes nearly a year after QVC bought the company for $2.4 billion.

Working behind-the-scenes, StyleShoots specializes in trying to improve the quality and appeal of e-commerce fashion photography, as well as the studio photography workflow. It also offers online tutorials. StyleShoots’ all-in-one photography machines replace conventional digital photo studios. An iPad is used to control lighting and the camera, and the machine exports a background-less web-ready image in seconds.

Introduced in 2011, the technology has been used by a range of e-commerce outlets including Macy’s, Forever 21, Alibaba’s luxury site MEI.com, German multibrand e-tailer Zalando, Boohoo.com, Marks & Spencer and Hawes & Curtis, according to a StyleShoots spokesman.

Sam Hunt, lead photographer at Zulily, said, “We might have been shooting between 80 and 90 shots a day on our traditional kids garment set and with StyleShoots, we’ve been able to style upwards of 150..so it’s been incredible in terms of production.”