Who says men’s wear changes slowly? There is a major disruption going on, as designers transform from streetwear to more dressed-up styles — but still with an urban and countercultural vibe. Here are the key changes for spring 2020 so far:

PONCHO POWER: Perfect for hiding everything — and keeping your hands free for texting.

A PATCH OF PATCHWORK: From Bode to JW Anderson, multicolored blocks of patchwork add pops of color to your life. Be bold.

SUIT SOLUTION: How does the suit attract Gen Z? With bright colors, zip pockets, fringe or other trims and baggier silhouettes straight from streetwear.

PRINT IT: And tie-dye it, paint it, embroider it and every other decoration. Break out the spray paint can and, as Virgil Abloh says, think of clothes as pieces of art.

SHED THE SLEEVES: Better hit the weight machines — sleeveless looks are big for spring, from suit jackets to shirts.

SHEERING IT: And if sleeveless didn’t have men hitting the gym, sheer is in, too — on shirts, Ts and jackets. Show those abs.

HALF AND HALF: Can’t make up your mind what to wear? Don’t worry — designers are showing two-toned suits and other styles for those days when you feel divided.

MORE THAN A SNEAKER: Sure, sneakers are still around, but designers also are emphasizing boots, sandals and loafers for spring 2020 to go with their more tailored looks. Walk this way.

HANDBAGS: We’ve had the messenger bag, the briefcase, the fanny pack and now…handbags for men. All part of the gender blending seen all over the runways.

TIE ONE ON: No, not a tie — a head scarf. Think Grace Kelly or the Queen. But think Cary Grant or Prince Harry in a Grace Kelly head scarf and you have the trend.