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For fall, London designers took a deconstructed approach to knitwear, as sweaters, dresses and jackets came in intriguing, asymmetric and pieced-together designs and often oversize silhouettes.

Inspired by artist Henry Moore, Burberry’s Christopher Bailey embraced the trend for his February show.

“Moore’s work is about changing the form, putting it in different directions,” he said backstage at the show. “For example, his shoulders were suddenly up here, the breasts were suddenly down here and I liked that idea of putting something on and turning it in a completely different way and deconstructing it like that.”

For his fall lineup, that meant asymmetric knits that looked as if they had been pieced together, slashed to reveal a shoulder or cropped high on the waist. “I liked the way of trying to take clothes and change the shape of the body by moving the lines and the pieces that wrap around the body in a more unconventional way,” Bailey added.

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