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Latest in Fashion Trends

Spring 2010 Accessories Trend: Watch It

Spectators go well heeled.

Green Scene: MAGIC’s Ecollection

Fashion finds eco-friendly lines.

Spring 2010 Accessories Trend: Split Personalities

For spring, designers used a variety of means to patch together materials for accessories.

Estelle: Electric Feel

Estelle Swaray — she of the megahit “American Boy” — has learned a thing or two about music and fashion…

Must Have Accessories: In The Mix

In the mix

Designer Eyewear: At A Glance

At a Glance

Stylemax: Joining Forces

StyleMax combines its dates with men’s and special occasion shows.

Fall Trend Favorites

What gets the stylish set going for fall? WWD asked a slew of designers and the just-plain fashionable for…

Fall ’09 Japanese Goth Trend: Good Mourning

Goth: Grim, glam and going Japanese. It's both subculture and fashion statement — or multiple fashion…

Fall 2009 Legwear Trend: Decoration Day

This fall, Jillian Lewis, Cynthia Rowley, Michael Angel, and Diesel Black Gold pushed the limits of legwear…

Hogan: Fall 2009

Hogan declared fall open season on the great outdoors, a theme well suited to the house’s sporty nature…

Nerd Mentality

Le geek, c’est chic — bifocals, brains and braces have an enduring style.

Gotta Get It

Noteworthy items from around the world.

Anna Hu Jewelry Salon Opens at the Plaza

Anna Hu, who will open her first U.S. store at the Plaza today, holds two master’s degrees and is an…

Vintage Looks in Spring Trends

Slim or flared, indigo or colorful, embellished or clean, high waist or low, trends for spring here appear to…