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Latest in Fashion Trends

San Francisco: What’s In Store For Spring

Independent fashion boutiques are tucked throughout San Francisco's bustling neighborhood shopping districts…

The Evolving Junior Department

When it comes to targeting the junior customer, one thing is certain - companies are in for a real challenge.

Fink Talks Trends at FIT

As trends are churned out with increasing speed and then exhausted equally quickly, Saks Fifth Avenue's…

Another Kind of Green Movement

Keira Knightley appears to be doing more for the color green than Kermit the Frog ever did.

Handmade’s Tale

Crafting is the couture of today's hipster set.

Girl Power

The Tokyo Girls Collection has girls shopping for fashion in a whole new way.

Gotta Get It

Must-have items from around the world.

Pretty Tough

In Berlin, the cool girls are trading their jeans in for pencil skirts.

Gotta Get It

Key items for fall from around the world.

Getting Kitsched

In Mexico City's youth culture, Virgin icons and wrestlers walk hand in hand.

Love-Haight Relationship

Forty years after the Summer of Love, this San Francisco neighborhood is more about flower prints than flower…

Look Sharp

The world's coolest portable digital video players.

Buy, Buy Baby

Three stores that get it exactly right.

Film Forum

From the hippest soundtracks to the most fashionable festival, here's what's heating up the silver screen.

Straight to Video

Short films are the latest advertising trend, as brands seek new ways to communicate with their core…