Pinterest 2017 trends

The cold shoulder is no longer the belle of the ball.

That, at least, is according to predictions from Pinterest’s in-house data team, which studied rising trends to make predictions for the top trends for 2017. Pinterest’s Insights team analyzed saving and search data from 2016 to identify trends that experienced a sizable year-over-year increase in interest, critical mass (more than 500,000 Saves on the topic) and a significant upward trend during the final three to six months of the year.

Among the women’s style predictions — style is the second largest category on the platform, with more than 10 billion ideas — is the rise of the bell-sleeve top. This replaced the off-the-shoulder top, as it is up more than 300 percent in popularity.

In a post sharing all the top 100 trends predicted for the year ahead, Pinterest’s research team wrote that instead of looking at trends from the past year, they are able to look at what’s emerging.

The trend with the largest increase in interest is “flair,” in the form of pins, patches and stickers, on both gadgets and on apparel such as denim jackets and jeans. These are up 800 percent in popularity on the image-sharing platform.

Other big shifts were in political Ts (no surprise there), backless shoes — and not just the mule — and multiple earrings. That goes hand-in-hand with the popularity of Eighties-style trends, such as high-tops, peg legs and denim skirts. On the denim front, custom denim, including lighter hues, higher waists and distressed denim and other one-of-a-kind details were winning over “it jeans” that focus on the fit.

Pajama dressing, meaning looks inspired by sleepwear, were trending up, as were high necklines and neutral tones such as khaki and nude.

On the men’s style side, the biggest trend was so-called “health goth”; at an increase of 214 percent, this trend is “somewhere in between normcore, goth and sportswear chic,” according to Pinterest and manifests as wearing black ath-leisure styles with a “tribal aesthetic.”

Weekend bags were another leading trend, in addition to urban style such as leather jackets and grooming balm. Smaller trends on the rise included shorter hair, Detroit as the next Brooklyn, headphones as the new beanie, “smart” clothes imbedded with technology, the mountain man look and statement socks.