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ALMATY, Kazakhstan — Astana may be Kazakhstan’s capital, but talk to any local and they will point to Almaty as the real deal when it comes to culture and fashion. As the weather gets unexpectedly warm in mid-February, strolling through Arbat Street, a popular pedestrian strip in Almaty’s downtown, becomes much more interesting — Kazakhs, who typically favor black clothing, start adding a pop of color in their daily streetwear. For women, colorful coats help them stand out amid the slushy winter gloom. Some also choose a bright accent, like an orange strip in a navy coat or a peek of Millennial pink under a puffy parka. The men favor a more severe aesthetic, opting for streamlined, buttoned-up silhouette.

And of course, this being a post-Soviet country, fur coats for the older generation remain a common sight. As a representative of a mall said to WWD, “the people like to show off here.”

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