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Models Chanel Iman and Shanina Shaik have spent enough time in swimsuits to know what works and what doesn’t, making them just the right partners for Beach Bunny to tap for upcoming collaborations.

Each model has worked with the swimsuit brand and retailer to put their respective styles on limited-edition collections, which Beach Bunny founder and designer Angela Chittenden said made sense for the swimwear firm’s customers.

“We’ve done many collaborations in the past, from people such as Kate Upton to Irina Shayk all the way to the Kardashians and we love how the talent — whether they’re a supermodel or a celebrity — really have their own sense of taste,” Chittenden said. “So, in addition to our line and what we produce every year in our Beach Bunny collection, we feel it’s nice to branch out and get a sense of someone else’s style.”

The collections officially launch May 15.

Iman’s collection retails from $110 to $120 for swimsuit bottoms, with tops priced from $130 to $154.

For Iman, bright colors were the focus, with pops of color she said look good against a tan. However, she also went for versatility by including a simple black swimsuit in addition to white and denim, the aggregate of which she said are all colors she would drop into her travel bag.

“I wanted it to be versatile,” Iman said. “I have a lot of swim pieces and sometimes I’ll mix and match them.”

Designing a collection or even just a single piece has always been on Iman’s list of things she wanted to do. That she did it with Beach Bunny was icing on the cake.

“Beach Bunny’s always been one of those stores that I grew up going to and it was a store that was always on my Christmas list just because they have so many different, fun pieces for so many different women,” Iman said.

Beach Bunny

From Beach Bunny’s collaboration with Shanina Shaik.  Courtesy Photo

Shaik’s collection — a mix of pretty pastels with ruffle and strappy details — is priced at $120 for tops, $110 for bottoms and $198 for a one-piece suit.

Shaik said her experience modeling in both swimwear and lingerie helped inform how she went about designing her collection, which she described as romantic, feminine and drawing inspiration from her personal aesthetic.

The model described the design process as an educational one.

“You have to be so tuned into details,” she said. “Some people think a swimsuit is so simple but there’s so much that goes into a swimsuit and the details.”

The collections are set to be sold in Beach Bunny’s online and physical stores, of which it recently opened a door on the Palazzo side of the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas. This summer, Beach Bunny is set to open a store on Melrose and is also eyeing Texas and Florida. The swimwear firm appears to be a member of a group of brands bucking the challenges at retail to open more physical doors.

“Retail — definitely I feel that the industry is a little scary right now, but for some reason our stores were all profitable last year and I feel that maybe it’s the industry we’re in,” Chittenden said. “Women just love to be able to try on their swimwear in an actual dressing room.”

Last year, Beach Bunny launched its basics line as a complement to its novelty swimwear but also in a bid to diversify the offerings in store. The basics, starting at $80, will see a boost in marketing moving forward, Chittenden said.

“We had a high demand from new customers walking into our retail stores thinking we’re a multibrand swimwear shop and we wanted to offer more of a size range and different fits for our customers,” Chittenden said of the basics addition. “We were very fashion-specific before, so it’s been great. We’re able to hit all angles.”

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