POWERSOX LAUNCH: PowerSox, a division of sock giant Gold Toe, is launching a line of specialty performance socks. The PowerSox Left/Right Technology Anatomical Performance Fit sock matches the contour of the left and right foot, features a hand-linked seamless toe and utilizes state-of-the-art yarn that provides moisture-wicking and odor resistance.

“If you picture your foot, your big toe is bigger than your little toe, [and] nothing fits the same way,” said Ander Horne, vice president of marketing for GoldToeMoretz, Gold Toe’s parent company. “We’re doing the same thing with socks. We’re offering a nice, uniform fit.” The collection, which retails from $10.99 to $26.99, is to hit specialty athletic stores in August.

MOUNTAIN MERGER: Planet Sox Holdings LLC and Mountain High Knitwear, both owned by Creo Capital Partners LLC, have merged operations and management teams. As a result, Mountain High Knitwear, one of the largest domestic suppliers of private label hosiery, will expand its business and distribute at the mid- to mass market at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart and Sears. “The merger between Mountain High Knitwear and Planet Sox Holdings LLC was a strategic business move and will maximize their expertise in quality sock production and expand market share,” said Gerald Birin, chief executive officer of Mountain High Knitwear and operating partner for Creo Capital Partners. “Both entities will operate with their current names because of their brand recognition in the sock and hosiery markets.”

Additional announcements at Mountain High Knitwear include the promotion of Kellie Walejeski to chief operating officer from vice president of sales, the hiring of Richard Oelkers as vice president of sales and the naming of Tom Brown as chief marketing officer to manage the newly expanded stable of brands.