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Hollywood hotties come clean about whether they wear lingerie for themselves — or for a significant other.

Octavia Spencer
“You have to wear lingerie for yourself and for men, because you have to be sexy for yourself first and then you can be sexy for your man.”

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Azita Ghanizada
“I wear lingerie for myself almost every day. I have beautiful slips. After I take a shower, when I leave the gym I put on a slip and a sweater and run errands in that, and it’s easy because then I can go to bed in that. But I love comfortable, silky and romantic clothing, even for myself.”

Ahna O’Reilly
“I wear it for both, and why? Because nothing feels better than knowing you’re wearing a cute pair of matching underwear, and when you get to show it to someone, that’s even more exciting.”

Zoe Saldana
“I don’t know, man. If I were to wear it I would wear it for me, but usually if you wear it for a guy, it’s an oxymoron because you’re not supposed to have anything on anyway if you’re wearing something for your partner. So I think if I do wear it, it would be for me.”

Alexandra Breckenridge
“Both. For myself, when I wear it under my clothes it’s kind of like a secret you have. You know how hot you are under there. It gives you some kind of confidence. And for men, because they enjoy it — why not?”

Viola Davis
“Oh my God, this would be a big fat lie if I say I wear lingerie. But if I do, I definitely wear it for my husband, not for me.”

Julie Bowen
“I don’t! You mean like girly, ladywear? You mean like crotch-less? What are we talking about? I literally buy my underwear at The Gap, which is not a bad thing, by the way, or online in bulk.”

Maria Menounos
“I wear lingerie for myself and men. Well, my mom is here right now, so it’s a little awkward because you want to feel sexy and look sexy. You want to please yourself and others.”

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