Target Corp.’s new Jockey collection is starting off with Millennials in mind. 

The big-box retailer has been touting its latest Jockey exclusive online for the last few weeks. But starting Sunday, consumers gained access to Jockey Generation at And they’ll see it in about 1,800 Target stores nationwide starting next week. 

The collection covers men’s, women’s and children’s intimates with underwear, bralettes, T-shirts, socks and sleepwear. It replaces the current Jockey-Target collection, JKY by Jockey, which has been available at the retailer for about 10 years. 

Mark Fedyk, president and chief operating officer of Jockey International, said Jockey Generation is an evolution of brand’s decade-long relationship with Target and was made for the whole Millennial family, with matching parent and children’s “mini-me” options available in the collection.  

“When you consider the various partners that we do business with, it’s quite clear to us that this 25- to 39-year-old, older Millennial, now forming families, is really part of Target’s core consumer,” Fedyk told WWD. “The Millennial audience has a great deal of buying power. And there’s a rich population⁠ — rich meaning large, not wealthy⁠ — of this older Millennial that’s currently shopping at Target. We think that’s a real important and relevant place for Jockey to go. 

“The colors, the fit, the silhouette, the packaging, all that has been created for them,” Fedyk added. 

Tapping into Target’s large customer base is also a way to woo new shoppers and create lifelong Jockey consumers. Target, after all, sold nearly $75 billion worth of merchandise last year. Jockey Generation is meant to appeal to Millennials, but Fedyk said loyal Jockey fans might opt for some of the brand’s other product lines⁠ — like Jockey Essentials and Jockey Life⁠ — as they grow older. 

Fedyk also said Jockey was impressed with Target’s rapid e-commerce success, another area of interest for the privately owned company. (Comparable digital sales at Target jumped 36 percent last year). Jockey International, which was founded in 1876 and now sells its namesake products in its own stores, as well as major department stores and specialty shops in more than 145 countries, was rated the third-largest player in the women’s intimates apparel market last year, only behind Victoria’s Secret-parent L Brands Inc. and Fruit of the Loom, according to Euromonitor International.

Jockey Generation at Target.  Courtesy

The Jockey Generation collection, available at Target and — except for Jockey Generation children, which will be available online only — comes in about 50 styles and sizes small through XXL. Children’s sizes are meant for kids ranging from 7 to 16 years old.

The collection also includes new sustainable technology — something that is increasingly important to Millennial and younger shoppers — such as women’s underwear made from Repreve, or recycled plastic bottles; StayNew technology in the men’s and boys assortment helps T-shirts stay whiter and newer-looking longer, while Stay Cool technology uses moisture wicking to keep the wearer cooler. There are also patented Diamond Cushion Comfort socks that have extra cushioning around the ball and under the arch of the foot. Fedyk added that the socks come with a lifetime, no-hole money-back guarantee.  

Prices range as low as $7 for underwear and up to $22 for select sleepwear options. A portion of every Jockey Generation purchase will go toward the Jockey Being Family foundation, which supports adoptive families.