Kim Kardashian Skims

Skims Solutionwear is here. 

Kim Kardashian’s much-awaited shapewear collection will be available at today.

“I’m thrilled to see my brand Skims come to life,” Kardashian said. 

While the Skims web site has been up for the last few days, shoppers will officially be able to fill their baskets at 9 a.m. PST with control top thongs, full-length bodysuits, push-up bras and sheer-sculpting slips, in addition to softer pieces, including mesh bikini bottoms and bralettes, all fashioned to highlight the occupants’ better parts. 

“Who likes to exercise?” Kardashian said in an Instagram post advertising the brand earlier this week. “Skip a day.”

Kim Kardashian Skims

Kim Kardashian’s Skims Solutionwear.  Courtesy

In the past, Kardashian said she’s used nearly every brand available on the market to “accentuate and enhance my body, shape and silhouette.” But nothing seemed quite right. 

“As my style changed and evolved, I found myself altering existing shapewear to work specifically for each look that I was going for,” she said. That included cutting up other shapewear brands at home and stitching them back together to find one that could fit her famously curvy body. 

“I knew I wasn’t alone in looking for the perfect shapewear and was inspired to turn my passion into something real that works for every body type,” Kardashian said.  

That passion led to the new collection, which Kardashian first revealed in June. 

The reality TV star and entrepreneur told her many fans by way of social media that she had been working on the “solution-focused approach to shape-enhancing undergarments” for 15 years and that it would be called “Kimono.” 

Kim Kardashian Skims Solution Shorts

Skims’ Solution Shorts by Kim Kardashian.  Courtesy

The shapewear was to be “the culmination of the personal experience Kardashian has had with enhancing her own shape through shapewear and experimenting with fashion,” according to the company. “The brand is fueled by her passion to create something that doesn’t currently exist.”  

But the introduction was quickly followed by controversy. Within hours, the Internet exploded with accusations of cultural appropriation, since the brand’s planned name was the same as that of the traditional Japanese garment. 

Kardashian apologized, promising to rename the line at a later date. In August, she said the brand would still incorporate her name, but instead be called Skims Solutionwear.

She then revealed the lineup of “real women” she would be using in lieu of models to promote the brand. The 26 women include plus-size models, childhood friends, sister Kourtney Kardashian, mother Kris Jenner and Alice Marie Johnson, a former inmate who had been serving a life sentence for nonviolent drug charges. (President Trump commuted Johnson’s sentence after an appeal by Kardashian.)

The shapewear campaign also features each model talking about “why they loved their bodies and how Skims empowers them to feel [like] the best version of themselves,” according to the company.

Kourtney — a fellow reality star, fashion designer and founder of lifestyle web site Poosh — said on Instagram that the sculpting bodysuit makes her “feel confident by tightening my waist and flattening my tummy.”

Shoppers will get their chance to see all the models once again after making a purchase. The shapewear comes packaged in boxes covered with photos of Kardashian and her models donning the multicolored garments; pieces that are made from heavy bonded materials, seamless stitching and compression fabrics. Kardashian added that the pieces are also lightweight and breathable.

“I love the idea that the pieces will be the closest thing to someone’s skin, skimming with amazingly soft and supportive fabrics, which accentuate the best parts of our bodies,” Kardashian said. 

Kim Kardashian Skims bodysuit

A Skims bodysuit by Kim Kardashian.  Courtesy

But it’s not just Kardashian’s famous name that will likely help drive sales. Shapewear ⁠— including bodysuits and other similar looks⁠ — are gaining traction as fashion becomes more casual and consumers seek comfortable styles. The global shapewear market, which was worth approximately $2 billion last year, could be worth as much as $6.4 billion by 2024, according to some reports. In the U.S. alone, sales of women’s shapewear grew 2 percent to $518.8 million in the 12 months ending in May, according to NPD’s Consumer Tracking service. 

The 36-piece Skims Solutionwear collection is divided into five categories⁠ — Seamless Sculpt, Core Control, Sheer Sculpt, Contour Bonded, Fits Everybody and Mesh Intimates⁠ — and comes in nine hues, from sand to onyx. Prices range from $18 to $98 and are available in sizes XXS to 4XL and 28 cup sizes. Shapewear extends up to size 5XL. 

“My friends and family are starting to get the @skims press boxes and I’ve never had a better response from everyone loving and feeling the product and this makes me so happy!” Kardashian wrote on Instagram earlier this month. “I know shapewear better than anyone! I’ve been cutting and fitting and sewing my own versions of what I always wanted my shapewear to be and now everyone can have it, too!” 

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