Knix Catalyst Bra

Knix is trying its hand at sports bras.

The intimate apparel brand, which was started by Joanna Griffiths in 2013, is introducing the Catalyst bra, a high-impact sports bra that accommodates sizes 32A to 42G.

“There is no product more difficult to create than high-impact sports bras. For that reason there has not been a ton of innovation,” Griffiths said. “For that reason there has not been a ton of innovation. I loved the challenge, and I knew that we could approach the design process in a different way than the incumbents, taking into account how women feel before during and after their workout.”

The bra is made from three layers of performance fabric with six support zones, adjustable straps and ergonomic clasps that help removal. There are also 13 ventilation holes throughout the bra and utilized bonded construction to eliminate seams and chaffing and molded cups to provide compression and encapsulation. The bra, which is available now, retails for $85.

To confirm the bra’s capabilities, it was tested by three different outside parties — the University of Portsmouth, the Technical University of Munich and York University — with more than 70 other sports bras and the Catalyst exhibited a greater reduction in breast movement than any of its competitors. It was also the easiest to remove.

Next up for Knix is a wireless bra that goes up to a 42G, bodysuits with built-in bras and swimwear.