Helena Kaylin isn’t passing on the D+ consumer.  

In fact, the longtime intimate apparel retailer is launching her own brand this month, called MINDD Bras, a collection of wire-free bras for women who wear a size D cup or larger. 

“Over the course of my career, I’ve seen bra fittings look at that 34B customer,” Kaylin said. “But after talking to hundreds of women, I’ve realized this D-plus consumer is unique in what she’s looking for and what she needs. And I am that customer. I am a 36DDD — sometimes an F, depending on how much I’ve eaten over the weekend — and there is such an opportunity to create products that are starting from D first.”

Her career in intimate apparel includes time at Victoria’s Secret, during what she called “the golden age of Victoria’s Secret” (that was around 2004), and later at Lululemon, following “Sheer Gate,” Kaylin said, or the sheer-pants crisis. There were also stints at Under Armour, Calvin Klein and Fast Retailing, among others. One thing was apparent among them all: ill-fitting bras were everywhere. But so was the opportunity to make something better. 


All MINDD Bras are wireless.  Courtesy

“The complexities with fit were really challenging, but at the same time super exciting,” Kaylin said. (The entrepreneur is a fan of sports bras, like the Enlite bra from Lululemon.) 

Still, she called the current options out there “a sea of sameness,” with many of them lacking innovation, especially in the wireless bralette sphere. 

“Truth be told, even working for these organizations, I became a very frustrated customer,” Kaylin said. “I was comfortable, but I was never 100 percent comfortable in any of the bras that I’ve created. I always felt compressed and very much like I can’t breathe and my skin was falling out.

“The sports bras had more technical attributes,” she continued. “They were comfortable, but they were not very attractive and they didn’t really offer a lot of freedom and support and movement. The idea [for my own brand] was, how could my sports bra and everyday bra come together and have a baby?”

Helena Kaylin

Helena Kaylin, founder of MINDD Bras.  Courtesy

MINDD Bras, which launches Feb. 19 at minddbra.com, was the answer. The inaugural collection, which Kaylin dubbed the “For Life bras,” because “it’s a bra that everyone wants for life,” comes in four styles of wireless bralettes: a deep v racer and a knit v crossback, unlined and lined. All have adjustable straps and come with compression cups for added support. 

Special “zones of support” underneath the breasts replace the need for a wire while keeping larger breasts in place. “They give this gentle lift and shelf under the breasts,” Kaylin explained. The bras also incorporate materials and yarns of various strength to help with support. 

MINDD Bras come in five sizes — 1 through 5 — one being the smallest, or what would traditionally be a 28D. A size 5 fits up to a 44 DD or F. All bras will retail for $68. 

“I think innovation is missing a little bit in wire-free options,” Kaylin said. “That was the biggest pain point for the customer. She doesn’t want a wire in her bra. She wants something where she can come home and she actually wants to keep it on her body.”

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