Chantal Thomass Spring 2019

PARIS — Chantal Thomass is leaving the world of lingerie.

The 71-year-old designer, who created her namesake underwear line in 1975, said she will no longer be designing for the brand.

It is to continue under the creative direction of Natacha Jacquier-Laforge, studio director of the brand and one of the founder’s closest collaborators. The two women worked on lingerie collections together for the last 20 years.

A new logo is in the works — the brand’s current one depicts a woman with a retro bob haircut similar to the one sported by Thomass — and will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.

Acquired by Dim in 1998, Chantal Thomass lingerie became part of Groupe Chantelle (CL) in 2011. The new creative leadership is a result of Thomass’ contract within the group coming to its end.

Jacquier-Laforge and Renaud Cambuzat, creative director of Groupe Chantelle, are currently working on a new visual identity, departing from the lingerie line’s traditional pink and black tones.

“The idea is not to completely reinvent the brand but to work towards making it a bit more arty, yet still fashion-focused,” Cambuzat told WWD.

The pair has directed its efforts to the “life wear” section of the brand, designing onesies, sweatshirts and even a faux leather jacket to add to the existing range. These new offerings will start trickling into stores for spring 2019, but will make their official debut for fall 2019.

“It’s not quite ready-to-wear, but it’s definitely close,” said Cambuzat.

Groupe Chantelle reported a turnover of 400 million euros in 2017. Its eight brands — Chantelle, Passionata, Darjeeling, Chantal Thomass, Orcanta, Femilet and Livera — are sold in 270 Groupe Chantelle stores as well as 10,000 points of sale worldwide.

Known for its boudoir influences, Chantal Thomass lingerie is sold at its flagship on the Rue Saint-Honoré as well as in the Group Chantelle multibrand stores.

When she announced her departure, Thomass, who created costumes for the Crazy Horse dancers in 2016, hinted at upcoming projects outside the sphere of lingerie design.

“If my work, started over 40 years ago, is mostly known for lingerie and fashion, in truth it has always been largely diverse,” the designer said, adding that her past collaborations led her to dip in the world of hotels and interior design.