Superfit Hero leggings.

Serial tech entrepreneur Micki Krimmel wasn’t motivated to start Superfit Hero because body-positive brands were trending. She started it because she couldn’t find athleticwear in her size.

Superfit Hero is an online apparel company that sells high-performance athletic clothing that goes up to size 3X. It is designed from the start for large, athletic women, not just a scaled-up size 4.

“Most of the companies that focus on high performance only make up to a size 12,” said Krimmel. She noted that fitness is always marketed to women for losing weight and getting smaller.

“You must be thin to be accepted and you’re not invited to this exclusive club” was their attitude, said Krimmel. Her passion for fitness and sports drove her in this direction. She is a roller derby athlete with Angel City Derby and is surrounded by big, strong women.

Superfit Hero raised $55,000 through a Kickstarter campaign last year and Krimmel used that money to create her starting inventory. With no apparel background, she launched her line in November 2015.

“I created samples from extra small to 3X and I had athletes test them,” she said. The product is made in Los Angeles, which allows her to be more flexible. “I’m on a four-week release schedule,” Krimmel said.

Her signature feature is the tapered waistband. The removal of an elastic waistband means no tight, painful fit around the stomach. She’s also created a pocket on the thigh of the legging, which has proven to be very popular.

Her focus now is to get the product in front of more people, which she does by setting up pop-up shops at roller derby events. She’s also created videos highlighting the stories of female athletes like weightlifter Sarah Robles that are featured on the company’s web site.

This is Krimmel’s third company. She previously founded NeighborGoods, a sharing community site, and Creative District, a LinkedIn type of platform for creative people.

It’s early days for Superfit Hero and she’s entering a highly competitive field. All the major athletic lines have suddenly discovered women over size 12. But this roller derby queen doesn’t look like she’ll back down from a challenge. Krimmel’s athletes aren’t just big, in her world, they’re “bad a–.”

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