Thinx (Btwn)

Thinx is expanding its consumer base.

The period-proof underwear line is introducing Thinx (Btwn), a brand targeting teens and tweens, ages nine through 16, who are just learning about and experiencing their periods.

“The first few years of having a period can be challenging for tweens, teens and their parents. Our customers have repeatedly requested a product designed for young people with periods, and we listened,” said Maria Molland, chief executive officer of Thinx. “With the launch of Thinx (Btwn), parents have the opportunity to help ease their tween and teen into period management by providing an easy-to-use and eco-friendly solution to what can be a stressful time.”

Thinx (Btwn) brief.

Thinx (Btwn) brief. 

The collection features the same Thinx technology that absorbs and prevents leaks. It’s made from organic cotton and comes in three colors — Beet Juice, Let’s Polka! and Tidal Wave — and three silhouettes — shorty, bikini and brief. Each silhouette’s packaging features a period mascot that educates teens on the different phases of menstruating. They include a horse, which is featured on the shorty silhouette box that’s meant to signify “Enjoy the ride”; a cat is placed on the bikini packaging, which identifies “stay curious,” and a sloth is on the brief packaging, which represents “laze away.”

Thinx (Btwn) believes these characters provide teens and tweens the chance to identify their period style and understand the feelings associated with having a period. Each pair of underwear retails for $23 or they can be bought as a pack titled the “Fresh Start Period Kit” that will sell for $59. The collection will be available on Sept. 6.

Thinx will introduce online platforms to educate parents how to prepare for their child’s first period in addition to teens and tweens seeking information to understand their bodies. Molland said they will target this audience through media coverage, direct mail, web site content, e-mail and social media. Thinx will also release its first TV campaign for the line that will underscore the utility of the underwear along with the emotional benefits.

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