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ThirdLove is growing its size range.

To double down on its inclusive messaging, the online bra brand, which was cofounded by Heidi Zak, will introduce eight new sizes in five styles. This follows the introduction of 24 new sizes in its 24/7 Perfect Coverage bra that quickly sold out last June. Zak said prior to that launch, there were 1.3 million women on the waitlist for these sizes.

“The mission of ThirdLove has always been about being as inclusive as we can be and executing on that,” said Zak. “We had double-D size when we launched and we’ve had the ability to take on more sizes and invest in that. I believe we should try to have a bra for every women. We aren’t there yet, but we are getting closer and closer.”

For this launch, ThirdLove is extending its offering by eight sizes — smaller and larger — bringing its bra size offerings to 78 with bands ranging from 30” to 48″ and cups AA to I. These sizes will be available in five styles including the T-shirt bra, the cotton T-shirt bra, the Everyday lace T-shirt bra, the lace back T-shirt bra and the lace balconette bra.

Zak emphasized that unlike other bra companies, ThirdLove is pricing all of its bras in all of its sizes the same even though some larger bras cost 40 percent more to produce. The bras range from $68 to $76 depending on the style. This will also be reflected on the product page where customers can click on different models who are wearing different sizes.

“The idea is to make sure the shopping experience is parallel and not separate,” said Zak.

Also unlike other bra brands, ThirdLove uses real women, not fit models, to size and test the products. New sizes are created on different body types, not by scaling measurements on existing sizes up and down. As sizes go up or down, ThirdLove accommodates with the appropriate strap size, closures and other premium details. To emphasize this, ThirdLove created a photo shoot featuring 78 diverse women all wearing the same bra. This is accompanied b a video featuring nine of the models who speak on the importance of inclusivity.

Zak said growing a size range is difficult, but for ThirdLove it’s necessary.

“Most companies focus on a certain demographic and we do that through the fit finder so she can understand her size,” said Zak. “It’s certainly not an easy undertaking to market broadly and make sure that someone coming to our site knows that there is something for her, but it’s important for us.”

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