Mame Kurogouchi Uniqlo

TOKYO—Uniqlo has teamed up with contemporary designer Maiko Kurogouchi on a line of sleek inner wear and loungewear, with the collection slated to hit stores from June 18.

Kurogouchi heads the contemporary Japanese fashion label Mame Kurogouchi, which she launched in 2010. The brand was the recipient of the 2017 Fashion Prize of Tokyo, which enabled the designer to begin showing her collection in Paris.

The collection for Uniqlo embodies Kurogouchi’s simple yet chic design ethos, and utilizes some of Uniqlo’s most well-known fabrics and technologies, including Airism and 3D knitting. In promotional imagery, wireless plunge bras and camisoles are worn with long, straight skirts, relaxed ankle pants with slits at the hem, and v-neck, ribbed knit sweaters.

Dainty detailing on the bras and camisoles, such as thin straps and gold colored hooks, gives the pieces a luxurious feel. The entire collection is turned out in warm shades of black, white, beige and brown, inspired by a range of human skin tones. According to a release, the undergarments are designed to look attractive even if visible under clothing, blurring the lines between inner wear and daily apparel.

The collection aims to provide pieces that respond to a new lifestyle prompted by the rise in working from home. Uniqlo said they are just as suited to staying in as they are to stepping out.

“One theme for me as a designer was to make the garments that are closest to the skin as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Especially at a time when we have so many choices for all kinds of clothes, we shouldn’t be limited by our daily options for inner wear,” Kurogouchi was quoted as saying in a release.