Looks from Andy & Evan booth at Children's Club.

Children’s brand Andy & Evan has attended Children’s Club for approximately seven years, and cofounder Evan Hakalir sees the show as being an integral for the brand. The whimsical collections carried out season after season maintain a loyal following among retailers that carry the brand’s line.

This season the focus is on patchwork detailing for boys and fur for girls. As fashion continues to immerse in digital, Andy & Evan has asserted itself to buyers of multiple retailers allowing for the development of new relationships and strengthening existing ones.

WWD: Which items speak to the main aesthetic of the overall collection?

Evan Hakalir: Our collection is traditional with a whimsical twist. Fur is definitely in, and we’ll see a lot of that within our girl’s collection. Within the boys [collection] you’ll see a lot of patchwork details. One item in particular is our mulled-yarn, heather, cobble sweater with vintage Boy Scout patches. It’s unique, it’s different, it’s fun and it’s kind of whimsical. There’s an intrinsic value so we know the customer is willing to pay a couple of extra dollars for it, versus something they’ll find in the mass market.

WWD: How have you positioned your product to get in front of the right people, seeing as your market is geared toward children?

E.H.: When we talk about product, we think about it in terms of being Instagrammable. Just knowing moms out there, they’re going to want to buy something that’s cute, that they’re kids are going to wear, and what they can share with their friends.

WWD: How are you making that connection with your buyers to create buzz for your brand and your coming collections?

E.H.: As a manufacturer, it’s very important to be a partner with the digital age. For your retailers, having images, having web descriptions, being willing to participate in new endeavors of theirs…if you can be a partner that’s easy to work with, you’ll really navigate the playing field.

WWD: How long have you been showing here at Children’s Club? Has the show been making an impact on your brand?

E.H.: We’ve been showing at Children’s Club for seven years. This is the place to be. The buying community is here at the shows and whether you’re placing orders with them here at the show or seeing customers you might meet back at your showroom, just having a brand presence here is very important.