Photographer shoots model wearing Bora Jewelry at ATS.

For Brooklyn-based designer Barbaros Yasar, craftsmanship reigns supreme for his artisanal jewelry brand, Bora. While he jets between his native home of Turkey and back to his studio in the U.S., Yasar’s lengthy trek doesn’t seem to be slowing down his creative process.

The brand, which boasts designs that are handcrafted by Yasar and his three brothers, makes up a plethora of styles ranging from charming antique baubles to a mixture of modern-meets-vintage adornments. Though each presents individual aesthetics that wonderfully harmonize in each collection.

Following suit of their native Ottoman roots, the jewelry’s intricate and ornate designs can be seen throughout the Bora collection that’s seen in gilded oxidized diamond neckwear and a number of opulent tension-set rings. As Bora rounds its 10th year showing at Accessories, The Show, the Mediterranean designer’s clients, current and new, will be delighted as they step into the booth and are transported into a cultural realm of wearable art.

WWD: Where does Bora’s jewelry get produced?

Barbaros Yasar: We make handcrafted jewelry [in] a factory in Brooklyn, and I have another studio in Turkey.

WWD: Do you and your three brothers all create similar collections for the brand?

B.Y.: We use diamonds, and other precious stones, but each brother has a different style. For example, I don’t use diamonds in my designs, but my brother does.

WWD: How long have you and Bora been attending ATS?

B.Y.: I have been doing the accessories show for more than 10 years now.

WWD: From a design perspective, what type of approach is Bora taking to stand out from its competition?

B.Y.: In some designs we use a different technique than other jewelers. We oxidize [the jewelry] trying to make an antique look, [we design] tension set [rings], and I like to mix up modern and antique looks together. [The collection has] Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.