Coterie, Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Armando Takeda understands good craftsmanship. From the intricate pleating to the impressive execution by local Mexican artisans, Takeda infuses unexpected details into his namesake line. Presenting at UBM Fashion’s TMRW trade show for the first time — a segment that highlights promising talent — Takeda introduced the philosophy of the brand and discussed the experience showing at such an extensive trade show as an emerging line.

WWD: What is the overall vision for the line? How does the spring 2017 collection speak to that?

Armando Takeda: We are trying to conserve and to innovate Mexican hand-artisan techniques. We work to do these ones [specific pieces of the collection] with people who we chose to do beading works, and what we are trying to do is to give them a vision. They could change maybe a little bit of the color, for example. Maybe they could give new touches into it, and why? Because it’s getting like a souvenir.

But it’s not just souvenir. We give credit to them by showing who did it [on hang tags] and where is she from. These are limited — we can only produce 50 garments a day, which gives more potential to these clothes. The artisans are super-happy that these pieces are being flown around the world and that people buying them from Japan and Kuwait, for example.

Coterie, Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Armando Takeda Spring 2017 collection  Don Stahl

WWD: What pieces represent the collection best?

A.T.: We tend to do things wearable, but we’re still a small brand. We give new touches into classics like this blazer jacket, but the back is draped open. It’s not like the conventional, normal clothing. As a buyer or as a client, when you buy a new brand, you have to see something sparkling you cannot just buy because it’s normal. We also create textiles copyrighted under our name in France, where they produce Chanel and Oscar de la Renta.

WWD: What would you suggest to other emerging brands that are considering showing at Coterie?

A.T.: If you come to Coterie or TMRW, you get potential buyers from around the world. For any young brands it should be great to show here. They give you great organization and location [on the trade show floor] for the young brands. We are still small. It’s been a great help from where they place us to all the marketing they’re doing for us. All the buyers from all areas and all needs come to Coterie.