DALLAS The Dallas Market Center is shifting the pattern of its women’s apparel and accessories markets to run from Tuesday through Friday instead of Wednesday to Saturday.

The change takes effect with this year’s show, which will run from Oct. 22 to 25, and continues next year.

Buyers and sales representatives alike have been requesting the date change. It’s become clear over the years that retailers prefer to be in their stores or with their families on weekends, and Saturday attendance is limited.

In addition, a number of buyers already make appointments and begin shopping on the Tuesday before each market officially starts.

“Beginning the show on Tuesday allows us to fully support all buyers as they arrive,” said Cindy Morris, president and chief executive officer of Dallas Market Center. “These new dates reflect what is already the pattern for the show — buyers arriving earlier and departing ahead of the weekend.”

The change follows the DMC’s announcement of a new Total Lifestyle Market next June that combines nearly all categories at the massive complex of wholesale showrooms.

The goal is to encourage cross-shopping by merchants that are diversifying their inventories, including gift stores picking up apparel and accessories and fashion retailers carrying other goods, such as bath and body products.

In addition to apparel and accessories, the complex houses arrays of gifts, home decor and furnishings, lighting, holiday wares, artificial flowers, gourmet foods and artisan crafts.