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This isn’t Cinzia Simone’s first rodeo. Heralding from a tenure at Guess as denim director, Simone branched out to develop GM Studio. A line completely manufactured in Los Angeles, Simone looks to the city as a primary source of inspiration. Bringing the line to Coterie for the first time, Simone set her sights on meeting buyers from new markets and gaining more exposure for the brand.

WWD: How did you land on Coterie as your first trade show for GM Studio?

Cinzia Simone: We chose Coterie because it’s an international show, and everyone [buyers] is here. It’s very exciting for us to be part of the show. I think this is the perfect one for us.

WWD: What would you suggest to other lines that are considering showing at Coterie?

C.S.: I think just as a brand, be yourself. It’s good to be here and just show who you are and how you manufacture your clothes — what’s different in your manufacturing business. I think that’s what people want to look and shop for. And also, have fun, and be part of this huge international event.

WWD: What’s the design philosophy behind GM Studio?

C.S.: GM Studio’s design concept is really simple. It has a lot of vintage pieces, a lot of deconstructed denim pieces. Everything is manufactured in Los Angeles. We have a studio in downtown Los Angeles where everything is made. The fabrics, most of them are made in the U.S.A. And it’s just a huge research on luxury fabrications, fits and vintage.

WWD: What are some key pieces from the collection?

C.S.: Definitely some of the denim pieces are my favorite, the straight leg and also the leather pieces — we use stretch leather. The T-shirt dresses are awesome. They’re all hand dyed and sanded. Also, some of the silk dresses, they’re really retro inspired, with lots of ruffles and big French cuffs.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends, Coterie

A selection of GM Studio’s spring collection.  courtesy image

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